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Sep. 22nd, 2004 @ 06:12 pm Punishments - round 1
Oho, Ore-sama's lazy henchmen have put this off long enough. First round of punishments will be decreed today.

_will_o_wisp_, our dear Gakuto, whatever shall we do with you? You know, it's awfully hard to find good minions these days - you requested for some of your underlings to bring you half a dozen toads for your experiments, but it seems that they can't tell amphibians from one another. Resulting in a shipment of frogs. To make it worse, they've been set loose in your study/workrooms - good luck in getting your magic studies done.

takemehigher, sweet, naive Choutarou... we could almost feel guilty about doing this to you. But not quite. Gakuto's frog plague has spread! And they seem to be chasing after you. Wherever you go, a frog seemingly appears - amoung your books, on your violin, on your seat, everywhere. What's more, your magic instructors view this as a valuable opportunity - you've been advised to try to pin them down with your magic. Better learn to control the pressure fast.

knifespoint, Ore-sama is indeed ashamed of you. Continuing with the frog theme, it seems that your bright idea of throwing knives at said frogs backfired, when you almost managed to stab someone instead. Accidentally, of course. Your knives have been confiscated from you, and you've been ordered to follow Ore-sama around for the week, to do his bidding. All his bidding. Enjoy!

golden_bow, oho Seigaku-kitten, it seems that being a kitten has its downfalls. One of the higher-ups has decreed that all soldiers should be able to survive on their own in their animal forms - so forget about scamming off the cook, this week. You've been instructed to learn how to hunt as a cat. We do hope that you enjoy raw mouse as well as the General does.

doublecross, you amuse us, but you are also required to go hunting for your dinner. Unfortunately, you seem to have 'forgotten' what animals your compatriots turn into - good luck trying not to eat your fellow army members, or we hope they make a good snack. ♥

secret_aldeon, we have no idea what to do with you, elfling. Perhaps one of the elven maidens saw you sneaking out - and is dead convinced that you went to meet a secret lover. She's told the entire forest of your alleged romance, and now everyone's on your case to confess who it is. Better think fast, or your secret's going to be out - as well as the fact that several exceptionally heartbroken maidens have been chasing you to tell them it's not so.

lost_peridhil, with all your watching Saeki when he sneaks about, some elves have become... suspicious about your intentions towards him. Especially now when it's been revealed that Saeki has been sneaking out. Look out, since those heartbroken elven maidens are out for blood.

sanadragon, whatever can we do to the mighty dragon? Yet, you will not escape unscathed - it seems that word of the location of your lair has leaked out. And that you're quite the popular dragon, with a small cult having trekked to see you. They've camped out by your cave entrance, and insist on singing and dancing and carrying on festivities. What's more, a small contingent of Knights and wannabe Dragon Slayers have joined them. There's too many to kill and eat, and you have no room in your overstocked larder to smoke them to keep for winter - so whatever will you do? The lack of sleep is making you somewhat... tetchy.

istaqa, you're a tricky one. But, it seems that the coyote pack has taken offense at your continued presence - or more like, one of them has taken particular interest. There's a female in heat, and she's after you. Better get those paws moving, unless you want to be tied down with a litter of pups.

dark_knights, being one of the few Knights/Dragon Slayers that haven't joined the party at Sanadragon's, you're being plagued everywhere by people asking why, and casting doubts of your courage and worthiness of being a knight. In fact, they've even dyed your horse pink. And it doesn't seem to be washing out. Whatever will you do?

Ore-sama seems to be lacking in the creativity department today - but rest assured that should people continue to avoid posting next week, punishments will be much more inventive.
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Date:September 27th, 2004 03:03 pm (UTC)
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*pokes you* Hiyopiyo's journal is lost_peredhil, not peridhil~ Just so you'll know~