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the Kingdom of PoT

deargod, it's like a zoo around here!

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The kingdoms of Hyotei and Seigaku have always maintained a fragile balance of peace; both proud and powerful countries, neither have been willing to break the stalemate in their battle without the sure promise of victory. But recently, this balance has been disrupted.

When King Atobe ascended to the throne, he brought with him several strong allies gathered from all corners of the land. Including his right-hand man, the seldom-speaking and oft overlooked Kabaji Munehiro and the deceptively happy-go-lucky Sengoku Kiyosumi - both strong magicians in their own right. With these advantages, King Atobe felt confident enough to begin an attack on Seigaku, slowly attacking the borders and taking land.

Seigaku responded immediately, dispatching a messenger to Hyotei as well as deploying soldiers to the border lines. However, King Atobe had been waiting for such an opportunity. Taking the messenger hostage and using him as a 'focus', he had his magicians cast a curse on every soldier of Seigaku, leaving none to stand in his way.

The spell comes courtasy of one Sakuno Ryuzuki, elven princess and magic user. Due to a mishap in her casting, Sakuno managed to invent a brilliant new spell - though a disasterous one when fallen into the wrong hands. Sengoku saw this as an excellent opportunity, and made off with the elven princess to hold her hostage in the Hyoutei castle and steal her spell, casting it on the Seigaku soldiers.

For half a day, from sun-up to sun-down or vice-versa, the soldiers will be transformed into animals that reflect their inner being. This encompasses a whole range of animals, from snakes to hawks to fluffy kittens to wolves. The change happens at dusk and dawn, so for a soldier cursed to be a wolf by day, he can only be his true human self at night. While as an animal, the cursed do not lose their mental powers of cognitive thought, et cetera, but possess no special skills that the animal might not.

Disheartened and disorientated at first, the Seigaku army refused to give up in their fight to protect their homeland. Several groups set station at the border, to stop the invading forces. Others were sent towards the magical clans of the Elves, the Dryads, the Dragons, to seek what help they could find. And others still set out into Hyotei, to find a way to stop the curse.

[log/journal set-up]
To keep in touch, each soldier has been given a magical diary. Spelled to reach all Seigaku soldiers, anything written in the pages of their own journal will appear as directed on the pages of others. This should be used to debrief their companions about any advances and set backs that they have achieved in their quest.

Logs should be done in third person, storybook format. As this rpg allows mature content, please post with clear warnings.

[character types]
While the soldiers of Seigaku will presumably make up the bulk of the characters, there are also openings for King Atobe's court, and various other magical beings (ie: Dryad, elf, dragon, et cetera). These magical beings can be played as either staying with their clans, or joining the soldiers in their quest. If wanting to play a magical creature, please include a short summary of their history and powers in the application.

King Atobe will be mod-played. His magicians, however, are open for the taking. As is the Seigaku 'hostage'.

Applications should be posted [here]. To join, please write a first-person journal entry from your character's point of view.

If a soldier, have them reacting after the first day/night of their curse, and reflections on where this will lead them. Please include what animal they turn into. A timeslot will be randomly assigned. Also, please indicate their age and position/role in the army.

If King Atobe's courtiers, have them write of their reactions to King Atobe casting the curse, and their thoughts of the court magicians. Please indicate age and status.

If a magical being, write about hearing of the curse. Please include a short summary of history/powers as well as race.

We request that all RPers have AIM or MSN, as most rping will take place over IMs. Please include your AIM/MSN SN and name/net-handle.

taken characters
King Atobe - His Majesty, et cetera - king_atobe
Sengoku - Court Magician - demon_magic
Shishido - courtier - knifespoint
Gakuto - illusionist - _will_o_wisp_
Ohtori - artist/scholar - takemehigher
Yukimura - bodyguard - kagenoyuuwaku

Seigaku Knights
Fuji S.- General - fox - lord_fujifox
Jirou - army cook - sheep - sheepy_jirou
Eiji - archer - cat (kitten) - golden_bow
Oishi - knight - wolf (pup) - golden_sword
Niou - soldier - wolf - doublecross
Kisarazu R. - mage - tiger - magi_tora

various fae
Sakuno - elven princess - quietly_stuck
Saeki - elf - secret_aldeon
Hiyoshi - elf/human - lost_peredhil
Tomoko - forest nymph - nymph_ohime
Akutsu - fairy - yousei_jin
Sanada - dragon - sanadragon
Kirihara - dragon - red_eyed_dragon
Mizuki - tuatha dé dannan (morrigan) - crimson__fae

random peoples
Fuji Y. - ranger - coyote - istaqa
Marui - virgin sacrifice - bloodymemoir
Jackal - knight - dark_knights